Forchip MC Series Electric Industrial Ovens

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DRYING: Reduces water moisture in materials, ideal for printed circuit board houses, cable assemblies, and any other applications where slow controlled heat is required

PREHEAT APPLICATIONS: Preparation phase for coating process

CURING: Allows curing of epoxy based assemblies at controlled temperature using our highly accurate and programmable digital temperature control.

POWDER COATING: Ideal for powder coating auto parts, electronic enclosures and any other items that need to be baked for standard temperature or high temperature powder coating.

LOW OPERATIONAL COSTS: Our MC-632 and 332 ovens use standard commercial heating elements and are very low cost to maintain. All parts are easily replaceable including the digital temperature control which is designed and built by Forchip.

QUICK RISE TIME: Our ovens reach desired temperature quickly and efficiently. The MC-632 can reach 350F temp. in less than 20 minutes.

HIGH POWER: The MC-632 provides 8000 watts of heating power using 240VAC single phase power input 60 HZ.


The MC-632 is a high speed general purpose oven with built in forced air recirculation system and electronic controls. It is the largest size oven (35cu.ft. for the price in the industry and comes with one year warranty for all parts and labor.

This unit is ideal for various drying and heat treating process in a variety of applications. The product is supplied with a 4 exhaust opening in the rear that is normally closed off but could be used if needed to add venting to the outside. The internal walls have special high temperature 2 insulation to allow efficient operation of the unit. The air recirculation system helps achieve temperature uniformly and quickly. The oven can reach 75% of its maximum temperature in less than 30 minutes!!


bulletLarge Internal Dimension
bulletDigital Temperature control with Timer function
bulletOptional Computer Interface and Profiling software
bullet130 CFM air recirculation system
bulletAll steel durable construction with high temp. Powder coated finish
bulletTemperature range: room temp. -500F
bulletIdeal Applications: Drying , Heat Treating, Powder Coating, Electronic burn-in Age test, batch testing, Asphalt testing, Curing Epoxy
bullet100% Made in USA


Model Inside Dim Power Price
MC-332-1 22"x22"x22" 3000 w $3995.00
MC-632-1 32 X 36 X 60 7000W $5995.00
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 FORCHIP LLC , began producing industrial ovens, Sept 2005. The company halted its production  of Ovens July of 2009 due to fire destroying the factory. Forchip has restarted its operation manufacturing ovens again  November 2014. The Electrical and Electronics for the oven is still manufactured out of Denver, Colorado , USA . The Oven mechanical is produced  and final assembled in Fort Lauderdale Florida.  All ovens will be shipped from Fort Lauderdale Florida to any destination in the world. All products are carry a 1 year warranty and extended support and warranty is available as an optional package.